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After Rain

Music has always been my solace in dark times, so I created this video as a reminder that the darkness doesn’t last forever. Amid war and flood and pandemic, it is still possible to take delight in the beauty of nature, to lift up your voice in song, and dance to the beat of your heart.

I wrote ‘After Rain’ at a time when I was living alone for the first time in my life. I had not yet learnt the pleasures of solitude, my health was poor, and my finances constrained, but I came through that era, the stronger for having endured those struggles. This song – and now, the video – reflect the determination I felt to remain optimistic and find solace in the inner journey.

Just click on the picture and the video will open.

I dedicate it to all who are struggling at this time.

May you find peace,

and may sunshine emerge for you,

after rain.

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