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Art Journal - The 1990s

Recently, I've been leafing through my old art journals, collating images. I'm doing this, not only so I don't have half-a-dozen unfinished volumes, but also because I find myself at a crossroads with my painting. By revisiting past experiments, I hope to find a way forward.

For many years, I worked the same way, using the same techniques; then I had a long break from art while I wrote my trilogy. Coming back to it has been difficult and I've been experimenting with multimedia, making air dry clay pottery, weaving with natural materials, and creating prints and collages. (You can see these on my Artworks page.)

Something is emerging, and I feel cautiously optimistic and excited about the possibilities.

In the meantime, here is video about a journal from the 1990s, assembled from coloured pencil and marker images I made during trips to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. (The cover art is recent.)

The pictures towards the end of the video come from dreams; the image with the spheres was particularly powerful. Art emerges from the inner and outer worlds...

Just click on the picture to view the YouTube video.

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