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 Angela Wallis Moore is an artist, novelist, poet, and musician.

She was born in Sydney, lived for many years in Melbourne, and then moved back to New South Wales. She spent time in the Blue Mountains, and in Sydney, before moving to the mid-north coast near Coffs Harbour where she now resides amid palm trees and kangaroos.

Her career path has been varied. A former international buyer and French interpreter, she became a methods analyst and computer systems analyst with her own company. Upon leaving the corporate world, she undertook a theological degree, followed by post-graduate qualifications in psychotherapy and ritual, practising for many years as a celebrant and therapist.

Always musical and having appeared on national television as a child and teenager, she studied singing and theatre. An operatic soprano, she performed in a number of venues in Melbourne, including the National Theatre and the Melbourne Concert Hall.

As an artist, she exhibited in the former Black Rock Art Gallery, and held an exhibition with Wynne Prize winning landscape artist, Ian Hance. She has also exhibited in France. Her work is held in private collections in the USA, UK, France, and NZ, as well as  Australia.

The diversity of Angela’s life experience has provided a rich source of material for her creative processes.


Her novels draw on her love of mythology and its psychological implications for the present day. Her poetry reflects her love of the natural world and the desire for self-transcendence. A seasoned  storyteller and public speaker, she also presents to book clubs and various associations around the country. She has also written and performed dramatized narratives on the subject of domestic violence, for case workers and medical staff throughout New South Wales.

For some years, she has composed and recorded her music, releasing albums on Bandcamp and on Spotify, under the rubric of Madame Dragonfly (the name of her former jazz duo).  She creates and publishes videos featuring her music, art, and photography.

Life is very full, but it still allows time for long walks on the beach and daily conversations with the wildlife surrounding her home.

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