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Book 1 

The Children of Myth Trilogy

Children of the Gods is an intriguing psychological drama of exploitation, betrayal, love, and redemption.


When Ariadne Jamison is lured into the bizarre fantasy world and manipulative games of the League of Gentlemen, past and present collide, bringing unimaginable changes to the lives of the three players who find themselves enmeshed in a destructive emotional triangle.


From the shores of Sydney Harbour to the ancient ruins of Crete, we follow the progress of this complex tale to an ending which is both fascinating and unexpected.

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Book 2

The Children of Myth Trilogy

Childlren of the Vines continues the intriguing tale of exploitation, betrayal, love, and redemption.

It takes the reader on a journey from Crete to Australia, from the goldfields of New South Wales to the mysterious mountains of the Northern Rivers, revealing the connections between the events of long ago and the challenges of the present day.


Ronan and Ariadne become unwitting players in a drama which was set in motion eons ago, amplified by the events of World War II, and finally reaches fruition in ways which will change their lives forever.

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Journey of the Soul

Journey of the Soul takes the reader on a poetic voyage of discovery through a process of contemplation, reflection, and transcendence. 

The poems explore the layers of existence and the tension between the sacred and the mundane, culminating in the mystical vision beneath the everyday world.

Illustrated with black and white photographs drawn mainly from Angela's travels, this is a delightful little book to add to your poetry collection.