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Coming soon - free Neurographic Art Course

As I continue to work with neurographic art, I am finding increasing resonances with my past work in the field of somatic psychotherapy. I'm now retired from my practice, but I retain a keen interest in the significance of body work for health and wellbeing.

In somatics circles there is an old saying: "The body does not lie. " Even when we tell ourselves stories about our lives, we often fail to understand the causes of our issues. We hold our trauma in our bodies, but when we start to listen to what our pain is trying to tell us, healing can begin.

In my therapeutic work I helped my clients to listen to their bodies, often through the medium of art, or song, or journaling; and since I've been experimenting with neurographic art (as you will see from prior blog posts), an idea has been brewing. Why not design an online course and offer it at no charge?

The course will concentrate on the mind/body connection in enhancing our artistic practice, but if it can help just one person begin their journey of healing through self-reflection, I will feel that the effort has been worthwhile.

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