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Updated: May 8, 2023

I add items I've created to this blog and to my art pages.

An experimental stitchpot is my first foray into 3-D textile art.

A little Youtube video reveals the elements I've used in creating this vessel.

Experimental Kurinuki Yunomi - air dry clay with various glazes.

A hand-building technique of starting with a solid block of clay and hollowing it out to create an interior. The tea vessels are typically asymmetrical and rustic which enables the glazes to pool in the indentations and create interesting effects.

Gifts from the Sea.

Assemblage of gauze, seaweed, seashells, and a faux pearl on stretched canvas.

Papier Maché Bangle

I love chunky, rustic bangles, but dislike wearing heavy jewelry. Here is one I made last week - papier-maché, coated with handmade paper, sponged with several colours, and sealed with acrylic gloss. It's so comfortable to wear.

Paper & Fabric Lamp

I began this post with a lamp I made this week. The construction is paper and fabric, to which I've added a rope of LED lights. It's a charming little lamp imparting a warm light to my sitting room, and I'll definitely be making more to sell.

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