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Embroidery - from old to new

I love the stillness of evening, interrupted only by the gentle pounding of kangaroo feet as they find a comfortable corner for the night, or the chattering of flying foxes feasting on palm fruit in the front garden. The busy world is hushed and, for a few, brief hours, I step outside time once more and become one with the creative process we call the Universe.

For many years I wrote in the evenings and the embroidery languished, unloved, in a box in the spare bedroom. But now, I prefer to write during the day so that my mind is more relaxed before going to bed. It's hard to sleep soundly when plotlines and dialogue are circulating in the brain!

So I turn off the TV, play music, and pick up my embroidery to make samplers for possible inclusion in assemblages, or simply try new techniques for the sheer pleasure of experimentation.

Here are some samples I made whilst teaching myself embroidery techniques some years ago, They're very conventional pieces using satin stitch, cross stitch, and needlepoint. I designed some of them using graph paper, counted stitches, and added tiny beads or a lace motif, or worked over the design of a patterned fabric.

These are conventional works and I'm currently branching out into experimental fibre art.

Here is an experimental piece I'm working on with gauze (scrim) juxtaposed with dried seaweed.

I'll add more examples as I complete them; and, in time, I'll show you how I used them in my assemblage works.

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