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Textile Art Experiment - Stitchpot

Last week, I made an experimental stitchpot in my first foray into 3-D textile art, as I work towards an exhibition which will feature vessels crafted from diverse materials.

Slow stitching, which is currently very fashionable, is a delightful pastime which lends itself readily to textile art. The rustic, unfinished feel of the work can be used to contrast agreeably with delicate materials, or maintain the wabi sabi effect of decay.

The process is painstaking but soothing, and each journey of the needle, gently drawing the thread along its allotted path, adds to the colour and texture of the finished product. Of course, part of the enjoyment (and much of the challenge) comes from designing the collage layout to create the desired effect.

A little Youtube video on the attached link reveals the elements I've used in creating this vessel, spreading out the fabric with its embellishments prior to final stitching. I have used hemp, distressed hand-dyed calico (avocado and onion skin), offcuts of lace, hand woven items, crochet, and fabric pieces.

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