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Art Review 2023

As another year draws to a close, I’m reviewing the artworks I’ve produced over the past twelve months.

Having taken a much-needed break from writing after the publication of Children of the Lie, the third book in my trilogy, I directed my energies to art. Using a different part of the brain allowed the writer to rest while allowing the artist to experiment and play.

As you’ll see in the video below, I’m a restless soul in my creative life, moving from one medium to another, always striving to achieve the effects I desire; and mostly not attaining my goal. But the joy is in the journey and the pleasure of making.

This was something I learned from a very early age. There was seldom a day which didn’t see me scribbling, or drawing, or crocheting, or modelling with plaster of Paris. Although I loved to daydream and was an obsessive reader, my hands were rarely idle. The desire to bring something new into the world, to express my inner self through creativity, was deeply embedded in my psyche, and this has never left me.

We need to feed our creative life, no matter its form. Whether you knit a sweater or paint a masterpiece, the art of making is so very human, and it enriches our existence on this Earth. We create something new; something which has never been there before and, in so doing, we communicate with ourselves and with one another.

May your New Year be filled with good things. May you have peace, and love,

and always the joy of creativity.

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