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Wind, Surf, & Whales!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Yesterday was a fine, warm, windy day, so I headed off to Woolgoolga, a mere eight kilometers from my house, to prowl the beach and the headland, taking photographs.

The wind whipped the surf into mountains and mares' tails of foam, crashing against the reef with increasing force.

I wandered along the beach, enjoying the sunshine and the skill of the surfers who were making the most of the swell in a sheltered cove. (click each image to see full screen.)

The headland provides protection from the endless stretches of the Tasman Sea (a marginal part of the South Pacific Ocean). Woolgoolga is located at the northernmost boundary of the Tasman at 30 degrees latitude.

From the beach, I drove up to the headland to watch for humpback whales. Pods are still journeying north to their birthing grounds. Very soon, they'll begin their return with calves in tow, coming even closer to the shore in search of calmer waters.

I was fortunate enough to catch a shot as a couple played offshore...

... with much splashing!

The mid-north coast of New South Wales provides an endless source of beautiful images which reflect the ever-changing patterns of land and sea.

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