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Textures of Mullaway Beach

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

One of my favourite activities is wandering the shores of the mid-north coast, photographing the amazing variety of textures provided by the natural world. Sea, sand, detritus, and rocks, all provide interesting subject matter for my camera; then it's a matter of creating a small movie, accompanied by snippets of music from my various CDs.

It's an absorbing hobby and one which allows me time away from working on my latest novel. It's far too easy to become stale when sitting at the computer for hours on end, even allowing for regular breaks to make a cup of tea or attend to the endless chores involved in maintaining a tropical garden!

Over the next few weeks, as the whales return from their birthing grounds, I hope to capture some interesting footage as they cruise much closer to the coast with their new offspring,. The many bays and promontories offer shelter from the turbulent Pacific Ocean, and a ready supply of crustaceans and bait fish.

But for now, I hope you will enjoy this brief video of the beautiful textures of Mullaway Beach, located a short drive from my home.

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