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Relocating home and self

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

In early December 2020, I moved to a small village on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Here, in the sub-tropics, in a simple cottage near the beach, I find myself caught between two sensations: of being both on holiday, and on retreat.

Perhaps the holiday feeling arises from childhood, when we spent summer vacations in warmer climes, steeped in the sweet aromas of frangipani and jasmine, and lulled by the ceaseless roar of the surf.

As for being on permanent retreat, I owe this feeling to the seclusion of my home, set amongst golden cane and towering eucalypts, the haunt of kangaroos and geckos and colourful birds.

I’m fortunate to have good neighbours, but there is still a sense of solitude, and the blessing of having retired from my practices as psychotherapist and celebrant. Here, I can devote myself to the creative process: writing, composing, painting, sculpting, making documentaries, and crafting jewellery from the abundance of natural resources: all emerging from contemplation of the beauty surrounding me.

This is big sky country, where the ocean rules a line across the world beneath an arc of blue; where clouds draw patterns high above, and pebbles sketch the tidal mark on powdered sand.

What a privilege, to reach this stage of life; with time and space to birth new stories, new songs, new images! To use these precious years to contemplate the nature of consciousness and observe its manifestations – and to offer its fruits to the world. For creativity is alchemy: a mysterious process which draws not simply from our own subconscious, but also taps into something infinitely greater. And when we accord it the attention it deserves, regardless of our circumstances ­ that is when the magic happens.

I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey of discovery and delight, walking with me as I explore my new surroundings, and sharing my joy at the beauty of the natural world.

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