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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

To mark the passing of the year and the new beginning, I have written and recorded a poem: 'Noumenon' . It speaks of the single, undifferentiated entity – das Ding an sich (thing-in-itself), which occupies no space and all space, is timeless, non-material, and beyond the reach of causality. Within it, phenomena dissolve.

I hope you will enjoy the words, the music, the photography, even as I enjoyed the creative process which brought it to life. (I've included a transcript below.)

The trance dissolves


the vanity of all things:

of war, religion, power, desire.

Elaborate figures carved from sand.

The rising tide obliterates

the carefully crafted monuments

reducing them once more

to tiny grains

each one unique,

yet unified

upon a primal strand.

Phenomena disintegrate


das Ding an sich

the Noumenon

within the ebbing tide.

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