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This morning, armed with my favourite pen and a carton of books, I sallied forth to meet with a local book group, in preparation for a presentation later in the year.

It's always a pleasure to talk with the people who buy my novel, answering their many questions and adding a valuable personal dimension to the solitary pursuit of writing.

I have been surprised and rather delighted by the reaction to what is essentially a subversive text; especially since many of my readers seem to be of a generation usually regarded as conservative. Modest demeanor often appears to disguise an adventurous spirit and an open mind – clearly one should not judge a book by its cover – and my subtle warnings about the mildly erotic content are met with a smile and a gleam in the eye.

I look forward to more of these pleasant encounters with book groups, and will continue to be surprised and delighted by the diversity, enthusiasm and generosity of my readers.

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