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Echoes of the Past

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

As I work on 'Children of the Vines', the second novel in the trilogy, 'The Children of Myth', I've been revisiting the photographs I took at the amazing Heraklion Archeological Museum. Although the trilogy is set in the present day, both in Sydney and Crete, the echoes of the past continue to influence the stories.

In the same way that we are all products of our personal and collective histories, ancient traditions shape the lives of the characters in my novels, occasionally in the full knowledge of what they are doing, but more often in blissful ignorance of their role as unwitting pawns in a larger game.

The cult of Dionysus is never far below the surface, and my visit to the museum provided a rich source of images. Minoan bull worship gave rise to some fabulous works of art, and the elegance of their execution is clear in the photographs I've selected for this blog.

I hope you will enjoy their beauty as much as I do.

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