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Book 2 of the Trilogy is on the way!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

After more than a year of consistent hard work, I've finished Book 2 of The Children of Myth trilogy. Children of the Vines is ready to go!.

My beta readers have given it the thumbs up and are now demanding Book 3 (which I've already begun, obsessive that I am). I've designed the front cover, and should be able to publish sometime in the next few months.

Children of the Vines follows on from Children of the Gods, with the original characters, a couple of exciting new ones, and just as many plot twists as its predecessor. Once again we journey from Sydney to Crete, with side-trips to the Central Highlands and Northern Rivers of New South Wales. We encounter engaging people and their fascinating traditions, learning once again how strongly the past can reach across the years to influence the lives of people living today.

As one of my beta readers commented:

"It is entertaining and held my interest until the very last word. The momentum never flagged. I found the characters believable (to the extent where I could punch Fab’s lights out) and the intertwining of myth and reality well balanced. It leaves the reader wanting more……."

Music to an author's ears!

There is much that is ominous in Children of the Vines, so I've chosen the accompanying photo of stormy skies over Sydney Harbour to capture the mood ...

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