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Before The Storm

La Nina is making her presence felt on the coast of New South Wales. Hot, humid days are interspersed with hours of torrential rain and warm, steamy nights. Mobs of kangaroos huddle beneath the fan palms and flocks of white corellas gather, squabbling, in the trees. Summer is upon us as the solstice marks the changing of the year.

The other day, storms circled the mid-north coast, and roiling clouds hung low in the sky, bringing thunder in their wake. I walked to the beach and watched the darkness encroach, capturing the steely grey of water and sky in this short video.

There was something tranquil about the scene, the epitome of the calm before the storm, so I set the video to music , using an excerpt from my Bandcamp track, 'Mermaid'. The dreamy quality of the melody conveys the calm I felt as I stood at the lookout, before the rain began and I turned my face toward home.

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