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An overseas working holiday

It's been a while since I posted - busy days turned into weeks, then months, and before I knew it, the year had almost passed.

I'm just back from a month in the USA where I worked on the second novel in The Children of Myth trilogy, editing the chapters already finished and starting work on the conclusion of the story. There were many opportunities for a spot of photography, which is another interest, and I indulged it to the full!

The weather was magnificent in rural Pennsylvania,

Lake Harmony, PA - tranquillity plus

New York and New Jersey,

Dawn over Lower Manhattan - I start work early!

and California where I spent the bulk of my stay. Balmy days and pleasantly cool night allowed me to work outdoors for much of the time, and my friend's house in Santa Barbara offered delightful terraces where I could enjoy the sunshine and sea breezes while tapping away on my laptop.

Santa Barbara from Stearn's Wharf

A favourite spot to sit and contemplate the next chapter

Long walks on the beach helped to clear the brain!

I'd hope to finish the manuscript by December, but I suspect it will be sometime in the first quarter of next year before final editing. Some things can't be rushed.

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