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In this, the final volume of the Children of Myth trilogy, an unexpected revelation creates havoc and threatens five thousand years of family heritage. 

We travel once more from the vineyards of Crete to the Cote d’Azur, from the shores of Sydney Harbor to the mystical Northern Rivers as, one by one, the lies unravel, leaving devastation in their wake. 

Tavros, Fabian and Phaidra learn that life will never be the same again. For nothing is as it seems – and calculated evil threatens lives, reputations, and the very identities of those who call themselves the Children of the Lie.
Angela is a novelist, poet, musician, former operatic soprano, photographer, and artist.

A seasoned public speaker, she also presents to book clubs and various associations around the country.

Enjoy browsing through the menu to view the diversity of her creative work !


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