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That's Life!

COVID 19 has created havoc in everyone's life. I feel so sad for performers, hospitality and service industry workers - everyone whose livelihood depends on leaving their homes each day to spend hours in the public arena.

Authors are perhaps more fortunate. For us, the daily round is essentially rather monastic, consisting of hours at the computer, at home alone. Nonetheless, we do need to venture out of our burrows to visit bookstores, liaise with clients, attend functions and, in my case launch a new novel.

The launch of Children of the Vines, and the revised edition of Children of the Gods was scheduled in Sydney for early April. Now, I have no idea when it will be possible. It's trivial in the overall scheme of things, when people are so ill and dying, so I am philosophical as, indeed, I should be.

Thanks to the internet, I'll be releasing both books for purchase online, as planned, in April. Most importantly, I'll be putting nobody at risk since I will not be hosting a large gathering at such a difficult time.

May we all take care of one another and ourselves, and emerge from this pandemic safely and in good health.

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